Age-related Macula Degeneration (AMD)

  1. AMD occurs in patients above the age of 60 and can be either dry or wet.
  2. Dry Macula Degeneration (Dry AMD) leads to progressive loss of central vision.
    • Although there is no current treatment for Dry AMD, research into gene therapy and stem cell therapy for this condition is underway.
    • Patients with Dry AMD are advised to avoid smoking and to eat a healthy diet including fish and vegetables.
    • Patients with Dry AMD should use an Amsler Grid at least once per week (link to page on website containing a downloadable Amsler Grid) to monitor for any progression to Wet Macula Degeneration.
  3. Wet Macula Degeneration (Wet AMD) is a serious condition that can cause sudden loss of vision due to a build up of fluid at the central part of the retina called the macula.
    • Common symptoms include an often rapidly progressive blurring of vision or distortion of central vision which can be identified at an early stage when monitoring Dry AMD with an Amsler Grid.
    • Vision loss associated with Wet AMD can often be reduced or possibly reversed with regular injections of medication into the eye.